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Shooting for myself- Top Shots of 2012

I realized as I gathered my images for my Top 12 of 2012 post that I had an awful lot of images that I LOVED from last year…that weren’t taken during client sessions.  Some were taken during workshops I was attending, some were of my 2 adorable kiddos, some were from trips we took during the year.  I can’t just leave them out…so, here’s my own personal favorite shots from 2012- things that were shot for me. 😉

And they’re probably in no particular order because I just can’t narrow them down. Ha! 🙂

First let me just tell you that my husband and I aren’t really gun people.  However, we ARE “experience” people- which is why, when we headed to Las Vegas last October, we made a promise to LIVE IT UP and experience as many things as we could.  We packed that trip so full of fun and adventure that we were EXHAUSTED when we got home!  This is at an indoor machine gun range– we each shot an assortment of guns, culminating with a real, live machine gun.  I was thrilled to death when I saw that you could actually see the fiery flash that comes out when the bullets (shells? I have no idea) come out really fast.  My husband looks super hot here, lol!! 🙂

This is another one from our LV trip- we took a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon and it was incredible—- it is SO HUGE…I can’t even begin to describe it to you.  This was one of the most amazing things we have ever done together.. the scenery was just breathtaking.  This is one of my favorite shots from that trip.

Here’s a shot from our trip to New Orleans in the spring of 2012– we took a swamp tour and the guides were feeding the gators marshmallows. (Who knew that gators like marshmallows??) Anyway– see that silvery line across the bottom left corner of the photo? That’s the side of the boat!! There is no zoom involved in this shot– if I had extended out my arm, I could have touched this alligator.  Amazing and terrifying all at once!

Another one from New Orleans. This is the infamous Bourbon Street at dusk, from the 14th floor of our hotel.  Such a fun city to visit!  I loved all the fun stuff going on all the time- but it was nice to come home to our quiet little Tri State afterward!

My oldest daughter on stage at her ballet recital in May 2012.  Her first BIG debut on a stage, in front of other people… she knew every step and worked so hard.  I love this image so much it is in our house over and over- a canvas, a large print, a gift given to grandparents, etc.

2012 was a year of trying new things, like this sort-of macro shot.  I really love walking around our house and neighborhood and finding different things to shoot… this rosebush is in our back yard and blooms hundreds of times over the spring, summer and fall. So beautiful and it smells like Heaven!

We visited Cincinnati for a few days in June and this is from the Zoo and Botanical gardens.  I don’t like birds at all, but if they’re enclosed in protective glass I guess it’s ok.  😉 I love how serious this owl is!

From our trip to Disney (part of Christmas 2011, but the trip took place in early 2012).  This is my daughter, the second they spun her around after her makeover at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique– her expression is priceless.  She felt like a true princess that night and the whole trip was amazing… just typical Disney, I guess, but it was her first trip (mine too!) and my husband hadn’t been there since he was a small child so it was a super magical time for our whole family.

Also from Disney, in the Animal Kingdom.  There was a huge bank of bamboo outside one of the rides and they were so tall- probably 30+ feet.  I loved this perspective.

This tree is in our neighborhood and I shoot it all the time– it’s my “tree of all seasons” if you will.  I have shots of it in all sorts of different lighting and weather- just such a nice tree to look at.  I love the contrast between the green and the blue in this one, and the cool double-silhouette.

Ahhh yes, sweet Charlie.  This precious little 1lb guy came to live with us for a short while this year and we LOVED him so much.  Unfortunately, this little guy also had extreme separation anxiety and was impossible to house train.  He made a DISASTER of our home in a short amount of time, and I asked my parents to take him back while we were vacationing this year.  After he was gone we made the choice that he wouldn’t be joining us again and he would live with my parents.  We miss him, but he was a valuable lesson in looking before you leap (I never intended to take one of their puppies….it was a spur of the moment decision that neither I, nor my husband, thought through.  We know better for next time!)  Now we enjoy visiting my family even more because we know Charlie (now Boomer) will be there to greet us. 🙂

Look at these precious girls! This was my biggest girl’s first day of Pre-K and she was THRILLED to be moving up.  It was also close to when my younger girl started going to preschool a few days per week (and my sanity returned, haha!)  I love how happy they were on this day and how adorable they are. (OK, so I might be a little biased here but seriously, they are adorable.  You can’t tell me they aren’t).

And last- my backyard!! I promise you 1000000000% that there is no color enhancing going on in this image– we have the most amazing sunrises over the river here and it is just stunning at times (like at this time!)  I loved how red the sky was and the reflection in the water- like something from a movie or a painting.  Totally worth running to the other end of my house to grab my camera and running outside in 40 degree weather to capture this shot!

Thanks for looking at my fave shots!!!  Looking forward to my first client of the year- an adorable mama-to-be coming this Saturday.  Updates soon!! 🙂

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