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Top Shots of 2015

Every year I look back at my client photos and decide to narrow them down to my favorites…so, without further adieu, here you have my faves from 2015!!  These are in no particular order– it was hard enough just picking them..I could never rank them!! 😉


~ Isn’t this adorable? I love the way she snuggled into this blanket when I asked her to, and I am such a huge sucker for baby teeth.  She is so cute! I just really love how she looks so sweet and cozy.



~ I love the black and white here.  Mommy looks so glamorous and son is so sweet, giving her a kiss.  She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn here and the black and white lends a classic feel to the image.  It’s a tender moment, unscripted…a gentle moment that I enjoyed sharing with them. Not all of my client images (and even fewer of my personal ones) include direct eye contact– I like showing these connections.  Her hair isn’t perfect, the composition isn’t completely spot-on…and yet I can’t seem to draw my attention away from the frame.


~ This came from a maternity session that I did this year that REALLY pushed me out of my comfort zone.  If you know me at all, you know I really DON’T love birds. At all.  Like not even a tiny bit.  So when Mama-to-be decided she wanted to include the family’s chickens in their photos/announcement, I shuddered…and then started brainstorming how to make this work.  I slapped on a long lens (so I could back WAY, WAY up!) and snapped… I like the results! Y85A6711Y85A6773

~ Another maternity session this year provided me with the option to take this image.  I love the “real-ness” of it– coats hanging in the background, a bit of clutter within the frame.  At the center is the focus of the image– the two parents’ shoes and the baby’s first pair of boots (how cute are they?!) It’s symbolic of the change in their family and also an expression of real life– things aren’t perfect, are they?  Even when a moment can be perfect, our lives still have clutter and that’s totally OKY85A5795-Edit

~ Back to the idea of capturing moments— this is one of my very favorites for this year.  This couple, engaged to be married in 2016, shared this intimate moment during their session. I like that it’s just them— I’m giving a glimpse into their relationship, the way they care for one another.  I love her shy smile and the sweet way he kisses her forehead and not her lips.  It’s a private moment and we are only seeing a flitter of time in this one frame.



~ I like this one because of the prop– his mother’s childhood chair!  I LOVE when families bring special items to a session and allow me to weave them in.  Over the course of this year I’ve photographed a baby in a 70+ year old handmade dress; boys in crocheted cashmere outfits (so adorable!), special rings and Bibles, hand-knit hats, carved signs, and many other keepsake items.  It brings such joy to me that clients trust me to incorporate those things into their session and I love seeing the end result at the clients’ ordering session.



~ This sweet princess was NOT tired for her session at all– in fact, this is one of the only sleeping shots I got of her all day.  But honestly– could she look any more precious?  This photo reminds me that there’s beauty in all things- even in a pacifier I tried repeatedly to remove. (And her mama told me this is the ONLY day she ever took a paci. Now what’s that all about?!)  I love her soft skin and the soothing tones in the picture–makes you want to curl up with a blanket doesn’t it?



~ I’m choosing these two because they show what can happen when a family will really let loose and have fun during their session.  These are friends of ours and they’re pretty “serious”– not super playful or goofy, which is why they really surprised me when they acted silly with their girls– and allowed me to capture it!  Icing on the cake?? They used the close-up photo on their Christmas card this year!! How fun is that?!



~ I loved Joe and Abbi’s engagement session so much- but these next two photos are my favorite from the whole event.  First– that silhouette is the BEST one I’ve ever taken.  We happened to be in the perfect place at just the right time– and by asking them to make a quarter turn, we caught the sunburst just in between them.  I LOVE the emotion and the artistic feel!   Second– look at the light in the next one…so much buttery warm sunlight streaming in.  I like the airy feel to it- like we’re seeing them in a dream.  Their session was fabulous!



~ I had only one senior session this year– it seems more and more seniors are choosing to DIY their senior photos and using friends and Instagram.  I am hopeful that they don’t regret missing this milestone and I’m thankful for parents who want to keep this tradition alive.  I loved that Bradley brought his guitar– he can play several instruments but guitar is his favorite.  I like the rustic look of this photo and the contrast of his clothes and guitar against the red bricks.  It reminds me almost of album art from a CD (remember those?! lol)  Brad is heading off to college in 2016– I know he’ll find success.



~ Last but certainly not least…the babies.  I had more newborns in 2015 than I’ve ever had before and I was SO thankful for each one.  Babies are beyond special to me and it’s such an honor when a family calls me to photograph them.  I know firsthand how very, very quickly their looks change and how important it is to schedule those sessions early on.  Each of these photos below is a favorite of mine for so many reasons– maybe it’s the serene look on their faces, or the way you can see the detail of the cleft in a chin, or a sleepy smile… sigh.  I could drool over these baby pics for days!!

Y85A7213Y85A7349Y85A9144Y85A9178Y85A9147 Y85A9211Y85A9244Y85A9290


So there you have it– 2015 all rolled up in one post.  It’s been a fantastic year, and I so appreciate the clients, old and new, who’ve allowed me into your homes, into your lives.  It is my pleasure to work together and capture your life in images.  Thank you, thank you so very much.

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Jack and Olivia | Engaged {Huntington engagement photographer}

Jack and Olivia called me for their session and I was so thrilled.  Little did I know that I’ve known Olivia for YEARS– ever since her days as a Junior Camp-er at Peterkin Camp and Conference Center!  It turns out that Jack and Olivia met there and fell in love and are now getting married next summer…have you ever heard anything more romantic in your LIFE?!




I loved their session and getting to know (and re-know!) them both.  Happiest wishes in all your endeavors and cheers to a precious couple!


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K Family {Tri State Family Photographer}

Let me start by saying this is probably one of the coolest families I have ever had the pleasure of photographing! I am so glad they contacted me to capture them in their (super awesome) home and that I got to snuggle their sweet baby boy! I had an absolute blast hanging out with them, playing games with their big boy, and just experiencing the day to day happenings of a family with 2 young kiddos (as we remarked several times during the session– “I get it!”) It is SO hard to narrow down only a few of their photos because I love them ALL… but here goes:

huntington baby photographer.jpg
huntington child photographer.jpg
huntington family photography.jpg
huntington wv baby photos.jpg
huntington wv child photographer.jpg
huntington wv family photographer.jpg
huntington wv family photos.jpg
tri state baby photographer.jpg
tri state baby photography.jpg

I am also THRILLED to announce that this family is my first family to enroll in my client loyalty program– awesome news for me since it guarantees that I will get to play with these two adorable little ones several more times this year. I am so excited to see where their next sessions take us and to watch these little guys grow and develop this year. Thank you so much, K family, for trusting me to capture your family in this way- I am overjoyed to be YOUR photographer! 🙂

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Top 12 of 2012!

Each year I look back on all the photos I have taken (well, the ones that get kept, anyway!) and try to narrow down a group of my favorites.  This year, my “keepers” group is over 12,000 photos strong!

I’ll just wait a minute while that sinks in.

Twelve. Thousand. Photos.

Holy moly.

You probably think that I never delete ANYTHING- that’s just not true!  I do, I promise! But between over 30 client sessions, 2 huge projects with Huntington Dancer’s Guild and an area preschool, and keeping up with my own 2 adorable girls, I really gave my camera a workout!  What follows is my Top 12 of 2012 list…if you’re on it, it’s because your photos spoke to me in a way that made them unforgettable, no matter when this year they were taken.  Maybe it was just the way the light fell.  Maybe it was a unique perspective, a new way to compose the shot, or simply an adorable moment that I was fortunate enough to capture.  Whatever the case- I am so honored that you chose me, and Captured Bliss, to freeze that moment in time.

And now, without further adieu……… I bring you my twelve favorite client images of 2012!

Number 12:

This family was super fun to work with.  They wanted family photos and then some that had sort of a baseball spin on them (Dad is a coach- how cool!) I had asked Mom to bring me some baseballs to the session and she brought these– I LOVE that they are used, green, dirty balls– not some brand-spankin’ new ones (like I would have ended up bringing, ahem!)  When I asked the kids to hold them out, the son asked me what type of finger placement he should use.  I stared at him blankly– I am a girl mom, through and through– I don’t know the very first thing about a curve ball, or a knuckle ball (is there such a thing? I probably sound stupid right about now…)  He had a good laugh when I explained my lack of knowledge here!  We really enjoyed each others’ company this night and I was thrilled with the end images from their session– which you can see here.


This session was very normal and yet very unique all at once.  Mom initially wanted just family photos of the girls (who are amazingly sweet, by the way) and herself…but as the session date approached she called me with a special request: to somehow captured the girls’ late father’s presence in their family.  Together we brainstormed how to best represent him in their session and we decided to use existing photos she had of him.  The girls were very young when he passed away and I know the pain is still fresh for their sweet mama– we shot this photo and tears streamed down my face when I edited it later that night.  It’s photos like this one that make me glad to be in this industry- where else can you capture the love between family members in such a sweet way?  Thank you, W family– it was such a pleasure to work with you.



This mama to be was one of my maternity sessions this year, and I loved our time together.  This photo might look nice and sunny and pleasant….but it was FREEZING outside!  Rachel was such a good sport and was really up for anything- even posing in a field on a windy day when it was maybe 50 degrees out?  I love the sunlight streaming around her and the nice rimlight around her body- such a special moment (not to mention, her son is about the cutest baby you’ll ever see!)  You can see her whole session here.


This gorgeous girl and her mom met me for a senior session.  Let me just say that I wish my mom had been as much fun when I was growing up as hers was during our session!  I love her posing here and the location- one of my all-time favorites, over in Huntington.  She’s got such a bright smile that just seems to brighten the whole image.  See her whole session here.


This image just melts my heart.  This family is one of my very, very favorites to photograph because they’re just the best- so nice and down to earth, and just plain fun loving!  The girls are the sweetest things- and then this year, with the adoption of their precious boy, they’ve got the best of both worlds.  He is so spirited and just a ball of fun and laughter- the perfect complement to an already amazing group.  This image, of Mom with her 4 babes….it’s everything I hoped it would be when I asked them to sit together. It’s posed, but not too much- everyone’s personality is showing through and they are just comfortable- with each other, with me, with the camera……it’s bliss.  See their whole session blogged here.


Oooooooh these girls- they’re so much fun!  This session, as a whole, has been a favorite for me because of the friendship that has developed between the mama and me.  She is so much fun and her whole family was a breeze to shoot– happy, carefree, and just joyous! Mom has become a friend over the past few months- we share a love of Pinterest, certain country music stars, and Organic Bloom frames.  It’s reasons like this- capturing a sweet moment between sisters and making friends in the process, that make this job worth doing.


This one, of sweet baby A, is another favorite for the use of light– I love backlit imagery anyway, but when it all comes together- a perfect sun behind the subject, being able to juggle my camera AND my reflector AND get all the settings right…well, it’s worth celebrating! I love the bokeh behind her (the circles), and the rim light on her little face and that adorable hat.  And it’s worth noting that she’s not just looking out of the frame- she was watching her daddy dance around and be silly!  Definitely a special moment, for sure.  See her family’s session here.



This is where the list gets so, so, SOOOOO tough.  Why can’t I have like, 5 number Ones?? 🙂  This is one of my Hot List Seniors for 2013– isn’t she GORGEOUS!  I’ve known her for years and she has grown into such a stunning young woman, inside and out.  She’s awesome!  I love the light here– you would never guess we are standing (literally) on the side of the road, utilizing the brush/wildflower area on the side of our local bypass.  Just proof that you don’t need a huge space to find beautiful light!  This makes me smile, too, because she is wearing MY necklace and earrings– I get so invested in my Seniors (reps and just regular clients) that I always ask for them to text me their outfits in advance.  This helps me to think about where we will be shooting, what the “feel” of the session will be, etc.  It also gives me a chance to see if I have any accessories or props that would complement their selections– in this case, I brought along some long necklaces that I thought would be great with her outfits…and she agreed!  It’s this personal touch that lets me clients know that you’re not “just” a client– you’re a friend! See her entire session right here.



I. Love. This. Image!!!! We met by the Ohio River for this session, on a crisp, clear fall day.  Everyone was playing- both girls and mom and dad too.  I was just enjoying the moment here and watching Mom and sweet little R tossing these leaves back and forth….when this happened.  I love the movement of the leaves between them and their eye contact- this is a Mama’s Girl all the way and it’s plain to see she just adores Mom so much!  Now this is hanging, in large format, in their home– what a compliment to me that they loved it too!


There’s no denying that I love a good silhouette– in fact, I’ve tried to include one in nearly every session for this whole year!  This family was no different, except that they had not just one, but TWO precious little boys to love on and play with during their session.  I have watched these boys as they grow and they just get more adorable with time.  We had to work for this shot– I was WAY downhill from them and had to keep shouting directions (did I mention that it was almost 100 degrees that night?!?!) so they would know how to move…but the end result was perfect!  I love it, and I wish you could hear the laughter the boys had from being tossed in the sky– I hear every time I look at this shot!


There is something special about a little boy and his mommy- but especially this little boy and his mommy, as he was just about to become a big brother when we shot this session.  We met and played, laughed, ran, and threw leaves high in the air.  My favorite parts of this image are definitely the light behind them, the pride in sweet E’s expression as he hands this big mess of leaves over to mom, and how perfectly her jewelry is placed (and no– this was absolutely not posed…just me being in the right place at the right time!).  This is another image that was used over and over again by the family– as gifts, wall art in their home, and that makes my heart sing!  I get such joy when *my favorites* are also the family’s favorites!! 🙂

#1… Drumroll, please!!!

Hands down, when I started thinking about my favorites for this year, this image was top in my mind.  I have grown to know and love this family so much over the past couple of year and they are some of my favorite clients for sure.  I got to enjoy a brand new location with them and insisted that Mom hop in some images as well– and I am SO glad that I did!  Their clothes are perfect against the gorgeous autumn leaves (I’m pretty sure she checked out my Pinterest page with fashion suggestions for sessions!). Her expression is one of pure joy (and it should be– she has the sweetest girls EVER!).  Everything came together in this one moment to make this my favorite client image for all of 2012!


From the bottom of my heart- THANK YOU for your support during this amazing year!  I never dreamed that Captured Bliss would grow like it has, nor did I imagine how far reaching it could go (that’s a teaser for 2013, haha!!!)  I know that it’s a big decision when choosing a photographer and that there is plenty of competition out there.  I am honored to serve every family who books with me and I hope that you’re able to tell the difference between CBP and all the rest.  I put my heart and soul into this business and I hope you’re able to feel that, and to know I don’t take any of you, or your families, for granted.  Cheers to a happy new year to all, and I look forward to working together again!

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Lindsey | Senior 2013 | Tri State area Senior photographer

I had the best time meeting Lindsey and her mom, Beth, for her session this week!  Lindsey was referred to me by Brooke, one of my Hot List Seniors– way to go, Brooke!  Lindsey had texted me some of her outfits before the session and I loved getting to help her make final decisions!  Lindsey also was treated to hair and airbrush makeup as part of my collaboration with Sasha at True Blue Salon in Barboursville- I have to give a huge shoutout to Sasha for helping me make sure my seniors are treated to the very best!  I so enjoyed everything about this session- thank you, Lindsey for choosing Captured Bliss!

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