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9/52- So Inspired

This is my fabulous, fearless 5 year old at swimming lessons.  She’s not afraid of ANYTHING, including the water (hence swimming lessons!) We are so proud of how quickly this is coming to her- she is already swimming on her own!

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7/52 Composed

Love this shot of some berries that were in my surprise flowers from my husband.  They remind me to stay “composed”– spring is on its way!

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6/52- Light

My submission for this week’s My4Hens Photography Project 52…. I love this!

I took this a few weeks ago– we had had a lot of rain and the culvert on the side of our street was very full.  I was out searching (fruitlessly!) for birds to shoot with my new 70-300L lens when I noticed the new “stream” in our neighborhood.  The reflection coming off it was GORGEOUS- I quickly flipped over to manual focus and shot this.  My new favorite shot of beautiful light!

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5/52- My favorite color

Confession time– I was totally overwhelmed by my week and pulled this baby out of the archives.  There- I said it. 😉 However– it is an ALL-TIME favorite of mine *AND* it’s indicative of my favorite color– so that still counts, right?  I love the color hot pink (well, ok…really ANY pink) so much and we have loads of it around here (do you remember I have 2 very girly girls?).  But this week I was just swept away with my HUGE SECRET PROJECT– more on that later– and a new shot of something pink just didn’t happen. Keep on trucking, right? 😉 Have a great week, everyone!

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