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K Family

I can’t say enough good things about this family! I love these little boys as if they were my own and the parents are just fabulous.  They are Client Loyalty participants and I love that it means I get to see them more often!  “Baby L” isn’t such a “baby” anymore!! 2015-07-28_00012015-07-28_00022015-07-28_00032015-07-28_00042015-07-28_0005

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I really enjoyed working with Kayla for her senior photo session. From preplanning her outfits (she would text me ideas– I loved having a hand in the process!) to laughing and giggling during the session itself, I had a blast!  Kayla is gorgeous and smart- I know she’s going great places in the future!2015-07-28_00372015-07-28_00382015-07-28_00392015-07-28_00402015-07-28_00412015-07-28_00422015-07-28_0043

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Rachel | Headshots

Occasionally I will get called to do something unique and out of the ordinary for me and my business– like when Rachel called and said she needed headshots for job interviews she had coming up!  I loved the lighting in these and thought she looked beautiful and very professional.  Rachel- best of luck in the job search and I know you’re going to be doing great things!2015-07-28_0044

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Commercial Work- Revived Vintage Session

A friend of mine owns an amazing mirror and chalkboard company called Revived Vintage— she restores old frames and turns them into something beautiful!  She called recently and wanted a session for a HUGE, beautiful new mirror she has for sale.  I so enjoyed the challenge of working with something besides people, especially given that it was a mirror and I couldn’t let myself or my camera be seen!!!  I hope these bring lots of business her way.  🙂

UPDATE- shortly after these images were loaded onto her site, she sold several HUNDRED of the frames to a bed and breakfast/hotel in NYC.  WHOA!!!!!! So awesome!Y85A2674Y85A2676Y85A2685Y85A2667

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R Family

I’m probably biased when it comes to this family as it’s my bff’s children– but seriously- are they not just a gorgeous looking bunch?! They were so good for my session with them last night and I loved spending time with them.  Also- check out that red hair– I’m loving it!! <3


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