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Becca C | Class of 2017 {Huntington WV senior photographer}

Sweet Becca has been a client of mine for several years now, and it’s been such an extreme pleasure to watch her grow and develop her skills as a dancer!  I loved her idea for updated headshots (so important as she embarks on her dance career) and doing the rest of the session outside.  Our downtown is the PERFECT backdrop for a session like this!   I so enjoyed our time together and wish Becca an amazing finish to her senior year of high school and a wonderful college experience.  She is so very talented and I’m excited to see where she ends up– her list of colleges is incredible and would be the envy of any dancer.  After working so hard, she’s now ready to spread her wings and fly!2016-11-10_00012016-11-10_00022016-11-10_00032016-11-10_00042016-11-10_00052016-11-10_00062016-11-10_0007

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K Family | {Huntington WV Family Photographer}

If I ever complain about my job, you hereby have my permission to smack me and remind me that I actually have the BEST JOB EVER!!  Like working again and again with this family… I LOVE them so much!  They participate in my Client Loyalty Program, which rewards my clients for sticking with me for repeat sessions.  What does that mean for me? A solid client base AND the joy of seeing my clients’ kiddos grow up!


The main purpose of this session (aside from highlighting how absolutely adorable this family is) was to celebrate little sister’s 1st birthday…so Mom and I dreamed up this precious hot air balloon theme and it just developed from there.  I love the images so much and had a ton of fun getting to play with all the children.  I can’t wait to work with them again!!


2016-09-24_0014Every once in a while I get a shot that I just adore…this is for sure one.  I love their brotherly bond!!!2016-09-24_00132016-09-24_00122016-09-24_00102016-09-24_00112016-09-24_00092016-09-24_00082016-09-24_0007

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C Family | family session {Huntington WV family photographer}

I got so excited when this sweet mama called me and said she wanted to schedule another session– I’ve loved her (and her family) since their last session, back in 2013 (which you can see here— you won’t believe how the children have grown!)  A lot changes in 3 years!  The kiddos are still absolutely beautiful but I really felt like their personalities shined brightly in this session.  We went to one of my favorite locations and spent time running, skipping, climbing trees (yes, that happened!) and chasing a few ducks.  I even let the kids try taking a few snaps with my camera, which they loved!  I am so glad to be working again with them and look forward to seeing them again soon!

I *LOVED* this one in black and white– so beautiful!

2016-05-17_00232016-05-17_00222016-05-17_0021Funniest. Shot. Ever!2016-05-17_00202016-05-17_00192016-05-17_00182016-05-17_00172016-05-17_0016

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Baby Max | newborn {Huntington area newborn photographer}

There is perhaps nothing in my work life that I love more than a newborn session. I love capturing these first glimpses into this tiny new life…itty bitty fingers and toes and baby rolls.  I love that even though these days are so fleeting, parents can look back on them and remember what life was like when baby was brand new.


I especially love when moms let me “turn loose” to style the session!  I bought the little red Radio Flyer wagon especially for baby Max’s arrival and chose to pull out the cute grey Aiden and Anais blankets that I’ve used for past little boys.  I almost DIED when his mom showed me that tiny baby tie– how adorable!  Max had some trickery up his tiny baby sleeve at first– falling asleep hard in my arms but waking straight up when I tried to pose him.  Thankfully, mom had packed a couple bottles and we discovered that he just needed a little “topping off” before he snuggled in for a nice long nap.  I’m in love with the images from his session!


2016-05-17_00062016-05-17_00072016-05-17_00082016-05-17_0009Suns out– teeny, tiny baby guns out!2016-05-17_00102016-05-17_00112016-05-17_0012

I can’t wait to see sweet Max again!  His mom is planning to participate in the Client Loyalty Program, which means I should see him at least two more times this year– woo hoo! I can’t wait to see how he grows and changes and to snuggle him again.  Thank you, Mommy Kim, for choosing CBP and thank you baby Max for being just plain awesome!

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Client Style Feature

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when clients send me photos of their images in their homes!


This family is working on a gallery wall (work in progress– hence the empty frame) but could you design a better wall??? I love everything– the clean, almost monochromatic color scheme of that buttery wall and the white frames; the arrangement of the frames and other elements; the mixing of the glass and the canvas on the texture of the wooden wall….eeeek it’s perfect!!! I’m so excited to see the finished product, which will take place after the family’s last session in their Client Loyalty Program this summer.  Thank you, thank you D family for not only choosing Captured Bliss but for sharing your talent with me!!!


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