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American Queen

My family is fortunate enough to live directly on the Ohio River. I always say that since we chose to live in Ohio (instead of West Virginia), my consolation prize is getting to look at West Virginia all the time.  We have seen some amazing things on and in the river- entire trees floating downstream when there’s been heavy rains, tiny kayakers, HUGE barges and tugboats carrying loads of coal, incredible wildlife.  All of those things have been really impressive- until today.  This evening we were eating dinner and the American Queen sternwheeler came down the river- and now the bar has been set MUCH higher for “coolest thing I’ve seen on the river!”  I was amazed and still can’t believe how enormous and majestic this boat is, especially to see it in your own back yard!

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Zoo Trip!

We headed to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens this weekend and had a wonderful time! I got some gorgeous shots- love the ones with the owl! 🙂 Hope ya’ll had a great weekend…I know I love our family time!

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Baby time!!

You TOTALLY thought I was going to announce my pregnancy, didn’t you?  HA- we are SO not having any more children, thank you…. I am happy to love on my friends’ kids and my own current, beautiful children.


However, we DO have a new baby at our house- a baby bird!  Here is Baby Robin, who hatched either yesterday or this morning (I’ve been religiously checking every day since we found the nest).  I just love this little bird and can’t wait to watch him/her grow up!

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