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Update to 3/52- Pieces of Me

I’m so super excited to announce that my photo for last week’s theme “Pieces of Me” was chosen as Eye Candy for the My Four Hens Project 52 challenge!!! I loved that image (scroll down to see it- it’s in the previous post!) and I’m so proud that it was featured.ย  With over 1900 photographers participating in the challenge, and some absolutely STUNNING imagery each week, it is such an honor to have any recognition at all. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay Captured Bliss!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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2/52 Project 52- Fresh (Huntington area family photographer)

This week I selected this image for the theme “Fresh”:

Our fish, Feathers (yes, Feathers… named by a 5 year old in case you couldn’t tell!) 3 weeks ago he was the last Beta for sale at Walmart on a day our daughter was PROMISED a fish…so we bought him. He was nearly white in color and very listless- we thought for sure he wouldn’t last more than a day or so. Instead, he is thriving and is turning all kinds of beautiful colors. He is getting a FRESH start in life!

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1/52- (Proctorville area child photographer)

I’ve committed this year to doing a Project 52- taking one intentional photo each week and submitting it to my other P52 group members.ย  We follow a common theme and the subject changes each week.ย  This week the theme was Time- and I selected this image for it:


This image reminds me of an interesting saying I heard the other day– it was in reference to Stay-at-Home-Moms (like me!). The person said, “For a Stay at Home Mom, the days pass like years, but the years pass like days.”

It sort of hit me right then–my girls are growing up SO DANG FAST. I cannot believe how much they have changed just in a year. This image, of my sweet younger girl swinging in her baby swing, makes me remember how quickly the time passes– it won’t be long until she’s done with a baby swing…then done with the swing set, period…moving on to bigger and better things. The passing of time is so bittersweet.

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9/52- Color

Here’s my photo for My Porject 52, week 9. The theme was COLOR…..and we had such a grey week that I finally caved this morning and shot this.ย  It is colorful, just not the most interesting to look at, haha!

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