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U Family | Proctorville family photographer

To celebrate my birthday a couple of months ago, I gave away a free session over on Captured Bliss Photography’s Facebook page.  This family won and oh my gracious, I’m so glad they did!!! How adorable are they? I loved their coordinating outfits and I’m glad we delayed the session until the leaves began to change– the results are perfect!!  Thank you, U family, and welcome to the CBP family!


How much fun is this?? I love when a family lets me experiment a little– and I especially love when we have amazing results!!2016-01-05_00142016-01-05_00152016-01-05_00162016-01-05_0017

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R Family

I’m probably biased when it comes to this family as it’s my bff’s children– but seriously- are they not just a gorgeous looking bunch?! They were so good for my session with them last night and I loved spending time with them.  Also- check out that red hair– I’m loving it!! <3


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M Family

This family is so unique and some of my very favorite people.  I so enjoyed laughing and playing this evening and just getting to hang out and have fun.  Thanks for letting me capture these moments for you!


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KK Preschool Photos {Tri-State Preschool Photographer}

When I was contacted recently by a local preschool to do spring photos for them again this year– let me tell you I jumped at the opportunity!  It is SO MUCH FUN to hang out with these kiddos– you absolutely never know what to expect and they are SO precious– I love spending time with them.  We decided this year’s theme would be Teddy Bear Picnic (last year was an outdoor lemonade stand- so cute!)  and I wanted to work hard to showcase the children as they are– just CHILDREN.  Not a lot of frills or fuss– just capturing them being themselves and enjoying their time with me.  I encouraged them to bring their special “thing”– a bear, toy, figurine, blanket, etc…. it all basically stemmed from an experience my husband and I had with our oldest daughter when she was 2.  We took her to see Santa Claus and she absolutely would NOT put down this gigantic Barney the Dinosaur stuffed toy she had with her.  At the time it was a big deal…but now we look back at that photo and that memory and remember when she wouldn’t leave the house without “Marney”.  That moment is what I wanted to give the parents this year.  I loved our results:


Also– this happened.  That’s my oldest, dressed in her preschool graduation cap and gown.  I am not going to even try to kid you and say that I held it together when she put it on– I started crying like a baby!!!  Time flies. Wasn’t she just born yesterday? <3

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9/52- So Inspired

This is my fabulous, fearless 5 year old at swimming lessons.  She’s not afraid of ANYTHING, including the water (hence swimming lessons!) We are so proud of how quickly this is coming to her- she is already swimming on her own!

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