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What to Wear


OK…what do we wear? Be yourselves!!! Dress comfortably– I am not a “white shirt and khaki” photographer but if that’s what makes you happy, wear it. BRIGHT colors look terrific. Minimize wording on your clothing as it can date the photo and be distracting in the finished product. (One notable exception to this– “big brother/sister” shirts…always OK for a few shots!!)

Head over to my Pinterest site and check out my suggestions– super cute ideas there!!

Once you’ve gotten inspired on my Pinterest site, search for your final choices¬† from these sites, or hit up your closet and see what strikes your fancy!

Feel free to express yourself. If you are dressed comfortably you will feel better and more relaxed. The point is to make memories that are captured on film…not be forced into poses in a studio.¬† This is going to be FUN!